Contact Hilberg Contracting for all your drywall needs today! Don’t want the hassle of trying to cover all of your household belongings due to dust caused by your sheetrock job? We offer the option of having a dust-free, sheet rock and spackling job by wet sanding. This method saves you time and stress by maintaining a cleaner, virtually dust-free environment throughout the entire job.

Our spackling is done in a 3-stage process: Taping, followed by 2 coats of spackle and final sanding to finish the product and prepare it for paint. Whether you have an unfinished basement, damaged or aged walls, you can count on Hilberg Contracting to expediently and cost-effectively complete your job to your satisfaction. All types of sheetrock patching are available for any wall situation.

Kevin Hilberg, Owner, has built a solid reputation as a premier provider of affordable contracting and handyman services in the Northern NJ area. Founded in 2003, Hilberg Contracting has prided its roots in providing service excellence to all of its customers. Our mantra has been and will always be “Every job, no matter how big or small, will be executed with the highest quality service at the most affordable prices.” Throughout the years, we have created a solid reputation for honesty, hard work, and reliability whether it was through handyman services, or full residential or commercial renovations. Our services include everything from roofing to refinishing your basement. You can find detailed information relating to each of our services offered by our professionals at Hilberg Contracting in the Services Section of our website.

When you choose Hilberg Contracting for your residential or commercial services, you can count on exceptional quality of work and outstanding customer service. Our employees are all of our own employees, and we provide them with on site training with strong focus on quality work. Browse our website to learn more about Hilberg Contracting, our services, the benefits of home repair and construction, and information about our great service plans. You will also find coupons and special offers for various services which will help you save money.

We believe to give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.

Kevin Hilberg – Owner