Meet Our Team



Kevin is the President and driving force behind Hilberg Contracting.  His early interest in all aspects of the construction industry led him to work at multiple construction companies and gained him extensive experience. In 2005, Kevin launched Hilberg Contracting with the goal of creating a one-step construction service company catering to Condo Associations, Building Facilities and Strip Malls. As the leader of Hilberg Contracting, Kevin energizes and steers his team as they strive to provide exceptional building and repair services to all of their clients throughout New Jersey. Kevin has expertise in estimating, scheduling, purchasing and field coordinating, as well as extensive experience in all fields of construction and small business management.


Vice President

Michael is the head of operations at Hilberg Contracting. Michael is well versed in all things related to finances. He is in charge of administering budgets, preparing financial statements, scheduling and so much more. His expertise goes beyond finances, he is also a trained safety professional in charge of supervising safety programs and trainings as well as general property maintenance, equipment operation and project management.


Director of Operations

Nicole manages all office operations at Hilberg Contracting. She is a management professional having worked in the industry for over 7 years with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Montclair State University. She has worked with several companies throughout the New Jersey and New York. Her knowledge of office management and administration is strong. Nicole has experience in commercial and residential construction while playing a vital role in all administrative responsibilities across the organization.